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Ladies and Gentlemen:

How are you?

¡¡¡¡Our company developed the comity spirit all along,exploited the market outdoors,strengthened our company¡¯s management indoors,the occupancy efficiency of market consolidated and advanced a lot,employees¡¯ diathesis also advanced,all management was standard more with nomocracy,the quality of products enhanced steadily,sampling inspection was about 100%.The average exponent of company¡¯s economic index set up a new height of history again,increased 30.3% in the same proportion.Taixing Taile Violin Manufacturing Co.,Ltd couldn¡¯t make so much achievement without the help and abeting of all guidances¡¢business brothers and new or old customers.I represent Taixing Taile Violin Manufaturing Co.,Ltd to express our honest thanks!

¡¡¡¡This year is our key year.We are confronted with the task of producing and sales,carrying and rebuilding.We feel that time is short,task is heavy,and the competition of violin market is cruel,it will be a new trial to our Taile People.This year,if we can finish all the tasks,it is not enough only by the efforts of ourselves,it also needs all new or old friends¡¯ help and abeting.We believe that we can realize the aim of making profits each other with all your abeting and our honestly cooperating!


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